Vegan LifeStyle of FitnessGabi

Vegan LifeStyle of FitnessGabi

Challenge Yourself every day :)


📍who is struggling to get their sexier body, feel more confident, stronger and find their own peace to drink a cup of coffee and reading the Good Book...📍

Yes, all those questions are coming up every lady, every day.... I decide today share my own story How I bit myself to Reach Victory!!!🏆 Let me be honest with you. Yesterday I joined Tough Mudder, yes, this activity where you have the opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone.Was amazing and challenging Myself. Before I started Tough Mudder my ‟Cheeky Mind“ stared play the Huge role how to take off from this event. All those questions come up to my mind: Can I mange all those obstacles? How others will see me if don t manage all of them? How I explained myself? ....All those question just saying about me and you if you have same question sometimes in your mind YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO DESERVE ALL GOOD THING WHICH ONE EXIST IN THIS WORLD. ...I start running slowly, every step brought me closer to my dreams, goals. I bit my fears every second without knowing about it.

Suddenly I stopped in front of big ladder made of ropes higher than 3 level building. When I was climbing up I was feeling comfortable and safe, then I reach flat level!!! (TOP ONE) My legs started shaking, head spinning, all mind got crazy and all uncertainty came up!!!

Then I remind myself "stay strong, You are worthy, You are a winner, You got this, I started visualise myself at the end of this ladder where I am standing down with a HUGE SMILE OF VICTORY. Yes, I DID it.:)🏆🏆🏆🏆 I felt Amazing.... nothing replaced my feeling from that moment of biting my fears. Yes, that cost me my Energy and Commitment to myself to do it Nothing is important than your own HAPPINESS and VICTORY,

✨Does not matter if you made a small one, all are counting to one CHANGE FOR BETTER LIFE and BEST VERSION OF YOUR SELF.

✨Doesn't matter what other people saying about You. they are telling you all words because they not even try to change their life.

✨Don t scared to Fail!!!

This a prof you are changing YOUR LIFE FOR BETTER AND YOU Are GROWING!!!So don t give up and TAKE Action. If you need my help with your struggles feel completely free and open to comment below " 🏆VICTORY🏆 " then I will serve you my Best because you are Worthy for Best.


P.S You can ACHIEVE everything what you BELIEVE. Gabi